Yes, I am hot… but not as hot as you!

28 05 2007

*First of all, let me note that this is just for fun. None of us Muslimahs mind people coming up to us asking questions about our religion in a calm open minded manner. In fact, we encourage asking questions.*

It never fails. Every summer here in the south (in 100+ degree heat nonetheless) someone asks me the question that I wouldn’t be surprised if every single muslimah has been asked once in her life. That is,”Are you hot?” Of course I am hot! It’s 100 degrees never mind the humidity, everyone is hot.

It’s funny actually. When I first converted to Islam and began wearing the hijab, I would try to brush it off. I’d say, “No, I’m not really hot.”. Then, as a year went by, my response changed to trying to educate them about the hijab and it’s benefits (loose and airy, provides a cover so the skin doesn’t get damaged). Fast forward a few years and now my response is simply,” yes. “

Seriously, I think all of us hijabis living in warm climates should make ourselves flyers to just hand out when we are asked that silly question. Because, you can be assured even the most patient muslimah is tested when she is being held up in severe heat, her hands full, kids hanging off her and tugging at her abaya, with a nice air conditioned building in sight while being asked questions about whether she is hot.

Printing up flyers would so much easier. Simple just hand it to the person and walk on to the nice air conditioned building.In fact, the person asking you will probably be trying to give you a flyer for some bogus knock off products, or even better a pamphlet sponsored by some church to try and “save your soul before it’s too late.”

So my proposed flyer would go as follows:

Title: “Yes, I’m hot but not as hot as you!”

*The loose garments of a Muslim woman provides circulation of air so that the heat stays away from the body.

*The covering prevents the skin from damage such as but not limited to:skin cancer, freckles, moles, the dreaded WRINKLES, and hair breakage.

*Hell is hotter.

*No I’m not forced to wear this. Look around do you see anyone who is here to force me? (you know they are wondering this too, so you might as well throw it in there.)

hehe. insh’Allah the other hijabi’s out there can remember this when this question is posed and have a laugh. 🙂

So, what are your suggestions? I’m curious to know how other hijabi’s deal with this question. Surely, I’m not the only one!