The Spokeswoman for Islam

31 05 2007

Let’s face it, the muslimah is like a spokeswoman for Islam without even saying a word. Why? Because it is a fact that the Muslim woman is the easiest to spot. Often, the muslim men adopt western style clothing and blend in so well that you wouldn’t even know they are Muslims. While the woman, with her beautiful hijab and abaya stands out like a beautiful flower in a baren wasteland. However, She doesn’t even need to speak a word to convey her message. Her actions do all the talking.


When she covers her body she is saying: “I won’t allow men to look at my figure and have perverse thoughts about me.”

When she lowers her gaze she is saying: “I won’t indulge in exchanging glances that may lead to immoral actions.”

When she smiles and greets the cashier she is saying: “See, I don’t think ill of all non muslims.”

When she returns the bit of money that the cashier mistakenly gave her she is saying: “I am fair.”
When she stands up for herself when she has been wronged she is saying: “I am not opressed and i certainly have my own mind.”
When she gets her degree at the university she is saying: “I am capable of suceeding.”
When she decides to stay home and care for her children she is saying: “I do care about the future of the muslim ummah. ”
When she goes to work and does her job well she is saying: “I can be a productive part of society.”
When she volunteers her time and efforts at Islamic schools and charities she is saying:”I am humble enough to help my brothers and sisters in Islam.”

And when she comes home after a long day, everyone else is saying…..I wonder why i ever had those misconceptions about Muslim women.

So, my sisters, stand up and have inner pride. Whatever you do make sure that you do your best because you are a reflection of Islam and the rest of us muslim women. It may be through your daily interactions that you could plant a seed of curiosity in someone’s heart that may grow and turn into guiding them to Islam.




3 responses

3 06 2007

Subhanallah you’re so right on the money!!!!! We have to stop trying to be undercover Muslims and act the part of Muslims. We are a spokesperson for Islam. Just think about all the rewards we are getting that inshallah will tip the scale on our favors just because we did something or said something and that sparked something in someone to learn more about Islam or changed a misconception they had about us. Subhanallah when a Muslim woman looks in the mirror she looks at her reflection seeking Allah’s pleasure in making sure she is covered and modestly dressed. While another woman would b looking in the mirror making sure she looks great for all eyes to be on her. Jazak Allah Khairan an issue that really needed to be addressed. 😉

8 05 2008
Um Yusuf as-Siddiq

Masha’Allah this is beautifully put! May Allah reward you and bless you AMEEN

29 01 2009

Beautiful post. I like to say that the Muslim woman is a walking-talking-breathing da’wah pamphlet, because well…. she really is!

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