Practice What You Preach!

18 06 2007

Many Muslims go around in internet chat rooms and through the streets preaching Islam. They are quick to offer their advice and enjoin the good and forbid the evil. They will severely chastise the person who drinks, smokes, failes to lower their gaze, etc. Yet, if you were to see into these people’s personal lives you may find that they are indulging in the very things they are going around criticizing. The same people who may encourage fasting, prayer and giving in charity may in fact be missing prayers out of laziness, cheating during ramadan, and hoarding his/her wealth. I’m not saying that this is most people or even the majority of people. I’m just saying it happens, unfortunately. This is a severe sin in Islam and comes with a horrific punishment:

The Prophet (saw) said: …”A man will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and thrown in the (hell) Fire, so that his intestines will come out, and he will go around like a donkey goes around a millstone. The people of (hell) Fire will gather around him and say: O so-and-so! What is wrong with you? Didn’t you use to order us to do good deeds and forbid us to do bad deeds? He will reply: Yes, I used to order you to do good deeds, but I did not do them myself, and I used to forbid you to do bad deeds, yet I used to do them myself.”  (Bukhari,Book #54, Hadith #489)

So, let us think before we speak.  The Prophet(saw) said: the two things that will lead the most people to hell is failure to control their tongue (speech) and private parts(illegal intercourse) (agreed.). Before we are so quick to criticize the sister in the masjid for gossiping, we better check ourselves and make sure that we don’t gossip. Before we go into an internet chatroom and criticize people who speak alone with the opposite sex, we better evaluate ourselves and make sure that we aren’t sitting up IMing and flirting with non mahram men.

In other words we need to practice what we preach!





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18 06 2007

ASA sister – i enjoyed you post. Please consider visiting my blog. ASA your sister in Islam.

18 06 2007
umm maymoonah

jazakAllah khair for the great reminder

18 06 2007

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

I totally agree with you, so many times we find Muslims that are so quick to judge and point out the shortcomings of their brothers or sisters in Islam without looking at themselves first. My husband told something a while ago that I want to share. I forgot where he got it from but when I find the proof I will give it to you inshaAllah. He told me that he read where the Rasulullah, sallalahu alaihe wa salam said, “You are so quick to point out the branch coming out of your brother’s eye, but forget to notice the tree branch that is sticking out of yours.” SubhaanAllah.

19 06 2007

You’re so right sis, this has become a known phenomenon. People are so quick to judge others instead of judging themselves before death reaches them. Subhanallah….

Great Reminder!!! Lots of hugs 😉

19 06 2007

assalamualaikum sis..thanks for dropping by my blog..dun mind if i link u up?

19 06 2007


i think there ia a huge difference between constructive criticism and just wanting to preach for the sake of it. i sometimes hear people say “well, it’s my duty to forbid evil when i see it” but if that was always true, it wouldn’t be done in such a nasty way, and you are supposed to start with your close family anyway, not just go up to random strangers and tell them what to do!

19 06 2007

AOA sister, great reminder again. Unfortunately this is a widespread practise… We are quick to see others faults, but do not see our own, or we always have an ‘excuse’ or ‘reason’ for our own activities, but do not conside any for the others.


22 06 2007

as salaamu aliakum,
thanks for the reminder. our best advice should be to ourselves.

24 06 2007

That’s a great post! I came here via Hema’s link. I don’t think people realize that if they don’t give advice in a caring way, in a way that they themselves would want to receive, then it only turns the person who is getting the advice, more away from what the other is saying. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, I now can’t even respect people who are trying to “help” because of the way that they try to. We all need to perfect ourselves before we point out the problems with others.

28 06 2007

JazaakAllah Khair for the reminder! 🙂

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