Name Change

25 06 2007

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu all my sisters and brothers,

While, I am still definatley a southernmuslimah, I have decided to change my blogging name to “Umm Yusuf.” I have noticed there is also another southernmuslimah@blogspot. I have been told by a few people that this name thing is confusing them. Out of respect for the other southernmuslimah and since she has had her blog up longer, I decided to make the change.

So, insh’Allah now you will see my comments and posts as Umm Yusuf. šŸ™‚ Insh’Allah this will clear up any confusion.

Thank you all reading my blog. šŸ™‚ May Allah continue to guide us all and keep us on the Qur’an and Sunnah. ameen.

Jazak Allahu Khairan

Wa Salaam,

Umm Yusuf




9 responses

25 06 2007

i didn’t think you could have two blogs with the same name?
it wouldn’t let me have the name i originally wanted.

25 06 2007

as salaamu alaikum.
great adab. our ummah needs more of that. may Allah reward you for the simple generosity of this gesture.

25 06 2007
Umm Yusuf

I’m on wordpress. Her blog is on

mash’Allah her blog is really nice! You can check it out here:

26 06 2007

Asalaamu alaikum ukhti.

Sorry for teasing you about this. Thanks for taking it so well, and having such an excellent attitude! šŸ™‚

26 06 2007

Welcome to Umm Yusuf wordpress…. šŸ™‚

26 06 2007


26 06 2007
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum Sister Aaminah,

No need to be sorry. Hehe. I can take teasing. lol I’m southern, remember? We’re always being teased!

There were a few people who mixed us up. Mostly through my commenting on blogspot.

Jazak Allahu khairan Adik!

Wa alaikum salaam khairulorama

26 06 2007

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

subhaanAllah, I actually found your blog on the other southernmuslimah’s website lol. I don’t remember how I came across her blog but I did, then she had a post about how there was a muslim sister who commented on her blog and left her signiture as southernmuslimah. I then read your comment and came on over here and have been here ever since. Isn’t that a co-inky dinky? I like your kunyah, the name Yusuf always makes me think about the story of Prophet Yusuf alaihe salam.

26 06 2007

Walakium Salaam Rahamatullahi Wa’barketuh Sis,

I love your kunya of Umm Yusuf… this will definitely make it easier to know who you are. I however, already knew since I knew your beautiful red rose pic…. but of course this will make it a lot easier and clear up any confusions…. Hugs šŸ˜‰

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