A Mom’s Trip to The Grocer

29 06 2007

babyshoppingcart.jpgWell, it starts out as: “Honey, there’s no milk.” Me: Well, have a glass of juice. Him: “There’s no juice either.” Me: “What? let me see.” So, I go in the kitchen and sure enough our cupboards are bare. It’s time for a trip to the grocers.

Knowing that if I don’t get started before noon, it will be terribly hot and sticky, I hurridly try to get everyone out the door. So, I get the baby dressed in about five minutes, myself…..about three, My toddler(T)……with all the wardrobe changes……about fifteen. We make it to the door where my toddler sits down to put his shoes on. I reach down to try to help him. As soon as I touch a shoe, I hear: “AAAAAAAAAAAH I DO MYSELF, I DO IT BY MYSELF!!!!” So, I wait patiently glancing at the clock a few times. Finally, his shoes are on and we make it out the door.

After getting everyone buckled in, we’re on the road. The baby begins crying. I tell my toddler to give him a toy. He takes that to mean, shove a toy at him, which makes the baby cry even more. My toddler covers his ears and hums. Who needs music? This continues until we make it to the supermarket.

Once we make it to the supermarket, I realize that everyone else in town must have ran out of groceries the same time as me! So, I circle until I find a reasonable parking place. You know, the ones close to cart returns are prime parking spots for moms. 😉

I get out and take a cart. I check the seat to make sure it’s not too hot before buckling the baby in. Then, I give my toddler the choice…ride or walk. After much consideration, he chooses to ride. I am relieved!

After we make it inside the store, T starts trying to climb out of the cart while chanting, “I walk now, I walk now.” I stop the cart and explain to him that he chose to ride and so he shall. He sits back down with his bottom lip protruding and his arms crossed. I give him his picture list of groceries he is to spot.

We are cruising along nicely, when all of a sudden the cart starts clicking and clacking at about the same time, T spots the cookies. “I want cookies, I want cookies” he begins to say in a singsong voice. “Sweetie, we don’t need cookies today, find what’s on your list” I respond. “Nooooo……..cookies……yahhhhh.” Anyone who was not already staring at me, is now. So, I nearly sprint until the cookies are out of sight out of mind.

That’s when I realize that the baby is now asleep. His head leaning forward in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position. I try to wake him up to no avail. Eventually, I have to pick him up and carry him while pushing the cart with one hand. I offer my toddler a front seat. Still pouting over the cookies he shakes his head, “uh uh”.

Well, we finish shopping and proceed to check out. T helps put the groceries on the counter and watches as they are rung up. I notice he is still clutching a pint of blueberries. I tell him to put the blueberries on the counter. Well, this leads to a full on tantrum. He starts stomping in the cart and screaming “No, My berries, my berries, no no no no.” So, I pry the berries from him and quickly have the cashier ring them up, I give them back to him and all is settled.  Oh but wait, I realize that I have forgotten the milk. So, I have to go all the way back through the store after my groceries are paid for and get the milk. Then, I have to go back through the checkout, and have my bags checked on the way out!

As we walk outside, I mutter to myself “he’s staying with his father  next time” “My husband will do this next time, not me.” Meanwhile, T sits happily eating some crackers from a box he’s opened.

About half way home, I look into the rearview mirror and there they are both sound asleep. Ahhh………kids.




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29 06 2007

Well, I suppose that’s the life. I think though that’s why they invited online grocery shopping. And stocking up on things. Not to offend of course.

I was in a situation once where this person and I were in line waiting to check out and she took the turnovers from the black belt that belonged to the person in front of us, and started to eat them. Hehe… it really wasn’t so bad. I learned my lesson since that day to keep her busy and to have a talk with her before we leave the store.

P.S. You have a very nice blog.

29 06 2007

Salam sis,

hehehe….so cute….enjoying every bit of ur entry…especially this one cos it got kids in it… 🙂

i love kids….and yours seems soo lovely, even with the wee bit show of tantrums….hehehe…


29 06 2007
Umm Yusuf

Thanks for stopping by pedagocial! Yeah, I defininatley need to look into online grocery shopping! But hey! I did leave it to my husband the next time around lol. 😉 Of course he said they were perfect when he took them.

Wa Alaikum salaam wrwb Adik,
Jazak Allahu Khairan 🙂

29 06 2007
Frustrated Hubby

Having been a stay at home dad. Who were you trying to make it easy on, yourself by going what seems to be close to nap time?

Granted those of us with kids have all experienced this in one form or another. The were both tired.

If it had gotten like that with me I would have went home for the betterment of everybody and sanity and then went later in the evening once the other half got home.

29 06 2007

LOL…. sounds like grocery shopping in this house… Subhanallah, moms are really great multitaskers. What a better way than to explain it at the grocery store ehhehee…. having 2 little ones myself, I know its really hard when I do the shopping by myself.

About grocery shopping, I have done that and it’s really great if you don’t need it ASAP, but something cool you might like to know if you don’t know already is if you have a Harris Teeter in your town and need just regular stuff you can place your grocery order online and pick it up by 7pm. Also since I”m the online shopping Queen which you already know…. If you have a Sam’s Club membership you can buy everything online at their website and just go pick it up after 3 hrs or so including diapers everything which is fabulous. Unfortunately for me, I have looked into groceries that do deliver daily to your home, but of course they don’t deliver to my home or they completely stop just before the Carolinas *eyes rolling* but hey look into the Harris Teeter and the Sam’s Club really saves a lot of time. Hugs 😉

14 09 2009

You know, once my daughter tried pitching a fit in a grocery store because I didn’t give her the yogurt quick enough for her to hold. Guess what? I gave her a slap on the hand, and she’s never done it since.

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