11 07 2007



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11 07 2007

Finaly i could visit your weblog. Thank you for the clip. I liked it. Islam is growing up fast in west. You dont have any problem as an american muslim when you wear hijab in public? What is reactions? You think why some muslim women in islamic countries try to be away from hijab?
I wanna know what is yr opinion about wearing? You think anybody should choose what he wear freely, islamic governmets must rule muslim women to wear islamic veil ( i mean as a law)?

11 07 2007
Umm Yusuf

You dont have any problem as an american muslim when you wear hijab in public?

I think this depends on where in the United States one lives. Some cities have many Muslims so people are accustomed to seeing a woman in hijab. While smaller towns, have no Muslims and have their misconceptions about hijab. I think there will always be some judgement and staring. Though, I have rarely felt in real danger. However, it is for Allah we wear hijab so Alhamdullilah, nothing can happen withouth His Decree.

What are the reactions?

Most often just staring. Maybe someone will make a comment now and then. Some people may come to us out of curiosity and ask why we wear hijab and thus learn something about Islam. Very rarely, is a woman seriously harassed for wearing a hijab. And sometimes there is NO reaction at all.

Why Do you think muslim women in muslim countries have abandoned hijab?

I don’t know. This is where I need the sister’s from Muslim countries to come in and help answer this one. I would think maybe many of them see hijab as culture, an old practice. Maybe they are more focused on the new fashions and blending in with the Western world. Maybe they didn’t grow up learning Islam and being encouraged to wear hijab. Maybe their friends don’t wear hijab so they feel the pressure to be like them.

Do you think Islamic countries should force women to wear hijab?

First of all, there are no “Islamic countries” in the world today. There are some Muslim countries. However, I dare say not one Muslim country on this earth has a ruler who implements Islamic law and principals.

Secondly, as Muslims we are commanded to enjoin good and forbid evil. Hijab is good. It is an order from Allah. We should try to encourage every Muslimah to wear her hijab proudly. However, in the end she is going to choose whether she wears it or not. If she is forced then honestly she won’t be wearing it for the right reason and may resent Islam. (MY OPINION)

12 07 2007

Salam again. Thank you really, you answered my questions one by one. 🙂
About hijab as a law, now in my country Iran, wearing hijab is a must and it is a law like driving laws. By the way the hijab government wants, is not that much difficult. I mean tunic and pants and scarf also is admissible in Iran and no force or law to wear niqab or burqa or bla-bla. Just the wearing based on islam. But it is a must. Anyway i feel so many iranian girls loose the real meaning of hijab and they cover some of their hair just bcs it is a must. And then some clothes they wear as hijab are more noticeable than unveil. That’s why i asked your opinion about it and you answered good. I agree with you. La ikraha fiddin..

14 08 2007

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14 08 2007

I think when you decide to wear the hijab you should not worry about what other people will say about you or how they stare at you, as long as you know inside yourself that you are doing the corret thing

13 09 2007
Islamic Products

It is nice to see that the hijab is being discussed more and more. These kind of discussions really help the less knowledgable like myself

24 09 2007

I have a little question for you…

So, i’ve been thinking about wearing hijab….but im not sure yet…..Ive been reading the Quran and reading what the prophet said about covering and I feel kind of feel like I should wear it…. Im kinda nervous about wearing it b/c of what my roommates and my mom might say or do(this prolly isnt the 1st tiem you heard this…lol)….I dont know… what do you think?
I need some advice…


24 09 2007
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sister Danielle,

Yeah, it’s a really tough decision to wear hijab. 🙂 Alhamdullialh that you have reached the point where you feel you should wear it.

The hijab is a command of course from Allah and elaborated on by the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Muslim women weren’t the first to be commanded to wear hijab as Jewish and Christian women also had the command (which can still be read in the Bible and Jewish Texts).

It may or may not be difficult at first. Every family reacts differently. I covered to an extent as a Christian so my family was more open to the hijab (not Islam but the hijab). Whereas some families will react more strongly to it. I have lived in extremely small towns (as you can read in my archives) and had little problems and reaction to the hijab. I think maybe your family and friends could be shocked at first but eventually they will come around. I suggest that you go to http://www.whyislam.org and either print or order some pamphlets on hijab. Then, you can distribute them to your friends and family. This will help them understand the hijab and why we wear it. It will take away many of their misconceptions about hijab, muslims, and oppression. Thus, it will make it easier for you.

Basically though, you have to make a decision not based on fear of other people but instead on whether or not you want to please your Creator.

Check out these posts on hijab. Also, remember to visit http://www.whyislam.org for more.


28 09 2007

I think after wearing the hijab for a while it becomes a part of you or your body, rather and you wouldn’t feel comfortable or as free without it

29 09 2007

Hey ladies! Danielle I can completely understand you with your concerns. I have recently found Islam myself and I am very concerned with what my family will say and do when they find out. I have a very dear friend and brother in Islam who once told me that as my faith grows my concerns will diminish. I pray that this is true. I think what hijab stands for is beautiful and I cannot wait until I have the stength to wear it. Until then I will cower and try to correct my family with all of their racial slurs towards anything muslim.

29 09 2007
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum Sister Amanda,

Mash’Allah another southern sister! 😉 Welcome to this beautiful religion!

Alhamdullilah (All praise and thanks is due to Allah) that you have found Islam.

May Allah always keep strong in faith and give you the courage, strength, certainty of faith and patience to make it through life. ameen.

Lots of love!

17 07 2008

the real meaning of hijab is not covering your hair
it is modesty and Chasity

17 07 2008

I started to wear the hijab when i was just four years old not by forced but when it was Eiid i beg my mother if i could wear the hijab and My mother said yes and i still wear it and i proud of it

11 05 2009
Abu Hassaan

Assalam u alaikum,

I was just googling to find article related to Hijab. I am in Mumbai ( India) and was working on a documentary about Hijab. Can you sisters pls help with suggestions / material real life stories.


Abu Hassaan

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