Turns Out Mothers Usually Know Best…

16 07 2007

I remember when I had my first son all my visitors would say the same thing,”Enjoy it while you can, he’ll be grown before you know it.” I would look down at my little bundle of joy and think yeah right! The long nights and endless diapers and feedings made the days seem to linger much longer than twenty four hours. Yet, now, I can look at him and see that all my friends and family were right. Even though, the days seem to drag by while you are in the midst of picking up toys, cooking and cleaning, they are really flying by.  It doesn’t seem possible that three years have passed!  Though, If I look at his baby pictures it is clear that it has indeed been three years.+

 Now, I hear another voice  in my head often. The voice of my mother….”You’ll always be my baby.” I always thought that was just sentimental rambling until I realized it is indeed true as well. I can look at my three year old and still think of him as my tiny baby. Automatically, I feel a surge of protectiveness and the desire to make everything right for him.  I guess that feeling never goes away…

So, those of you who are mothers and grandmothers, I now get you and am grateful for you. Those of you yet to experience motherhood, trust us these statements are true, mothers most often know what they’re talking about!

A sweet poem:


There are times only when a Mother’s love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappointments
And calm all our fears.

There are times when only a Mother’s Love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we’ve dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real.

There are times when only a Mother’s faith
Can help on life’s way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.

For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith
And a Mother’s steadfast love
Were sent from God above…

 al-Bukhaari (5514) and Muslim (4621) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: A man came to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said: “O Messenger of Allaah, who is most deserving of my good company?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Then your father.” 




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16 07 2007

That really was a sweet poem. Just wait until your son is old enough to protest being your baby. My 5 year old swears up and down he’s grown when I remind him that he’ll always be my baby boy. Don’t worry those 2 years will pass like the blink of an eye at that. Gosh these kids will make me old before my time.

16 07 2007
UmAbdurrahman, "Blanca"

As Salaamu ALaikum Sis:

Mash’Allah, I love the poem sis. Awwww, motherhood, Alhamdulillah. Yeah, I remember my mom saying you will never understand until you become a mother. Indeed, mothers are special.

16 07 2007

aaww sweet, time in general just seems to fly by when you stop and reflect. scary really.

17 07 2007

As salamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtu sister,

Simply beautiful, the poem and the blog you wrote. Yes, time flies very fast and so do our children…and yet as they grow bigger, another realisation came to the mind…we, we are growing older.

Will they look at us with love as it is now or as we grow more feeble, will they fulfill their filial piety?….only time will tell and only our du’a serve as our means to hope for the best for them and for us.



17 07 2007
Umm Yusuf

Wa Alaikum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu to my sisters,

Yeah, that is for sure adik, we don’t know how our children will treat us as we grow older. May Allah make our children pious adults who follow the Quran and Sunnah and treat us well in our old age. ameen.

Amanda, Blanca, Hema: I know! It goes by so fast, Alhamdullilah! We need to make every minute count. Amanda, my sister has an 8 year old and a 6 year old and now they are always saying: “Oh mom! I’m not a baby anymore”. hehe. Already resisting hugs and kisses in public too……

18 07 2007

Assalaamu’alaykum dear sis,

Alhamdulillaah for a good entry 🙂

I have a 6 1/2 month old boy, and I can’t believe he’s already 6 1/2 months! I must say, the immense love I feel for him is just beyond words – and he just seems to be growing so fast! He is already rocking on his hands and knees, trying to figure out how to crawl!

As I go down the lane of motherhood – I must admit that the hadith that you mentioned makes more sense to me now..

May Allaah keep us all steadfast on His Path, and may we be strangers in this dunya, ameen…


19 07 2007

Mashallah what a beautiful poem great post sis!!! Hugs 😉

19 07 2007

Just testing to see if my name will be highlighted to go to the blog… and see if I did it correctly 😉

19 07 2007


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