Only In The South…

31 07 2007


First of all, I am Southern and I love the South.  We’re unique, outspoken, well mannered. loyal people here in the south and usually we stick up for one another in a way that I have yet to find in any other place. That being said, there are some things that are uniquely southern.

 Only in the south….

Do you find gun racks installed on nearly every pick up truck yet, no one is concerned.

You find more people who know all the lyrics to “Sweet Home Alabama” and/ or “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” than know the entire National Anthem.

You are as likely to find a confederate flag hanging as an American flag (though, they are usually hung side by side).

If a woman walks into a crowded waiting room or onto a crowded bus men scramble over themselves to try to give the lady a seat. (yes! even us muslim women! and the process is much speedier if you are elderly or pregnant).

You order “tea” and automatically get sweet tea (usually one part liquid one part sugar).

Every critique or bit of malicious gossip is preceded or followed by “Bless (his/her,their,its) heart.”

Women speak so sweetly that you don’t realize they are  actually criticizing you.

You can go to small towns and everyone will insist they are related (we tend to count 20th cousins as just plain cousins ……NOTHING INSESTUOUS).

Grown people compare their scars.

The bars are packed on Saturday nights and the churches are packed on Sunday mornings (with the same people ;))

Would men be charged with aggravated assult for threating someone in the parking lot of a bar with a POISIONOUS SNAKE. (I swear I’m not making this up, this happend about a month ago in my town and the snake ended up biting one of the attackers rather than the victim….go figure).

If you mess with a person’s family (which again we include nearly everybody in town as our family whether we are blood related or not) you have to deal with them….for life (southerners are big on grudges).

The outcome of a highschool/college football game or nascar race is debated more fervently than an election.

One word. Chitlins.

You are as likely to find skoal in a back pocket as a wallet.

Grown people ride around in summer with one barefoot hung out the window. (saw this twice today, both men, both driving).

You are as likely to see a woman hunting and fishing as a man.

Are women equal parts spitfire and sweet (make a southern woman mad and you will know it quick).

 People are still qu ite enamored with airbrushed t-shirts and tags.

If you are fortunate to make friends with a southerner you have a friend and protector for life.




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31 07 2007

Assalamu’alaikum UmmYusuf,

very interesting post, i love it because it gives me more insight of the lives of Southerner such as you. Would love to meet you one day, Insya-Allah 🙂

here in Singapore, you can hardly find men who will stand up politely when a woman is around. Thumbs up for the Southern men… 🙂

31 07 2007

As Salaamu Alaikum SIs:

So true of people from the south. As someone born and raised down in Texas, I could add that the same people who showed up on Sunday mornings to church would all head out to their favorite “All You Can Eat” buffet restaurant. A real common place to gather a congregation of folks that were so devoted to spreading God’s word with a twang in their voice and rejoicing words. I remember those days. Our observations of people outside of our own way of life just makes you feel like you are at home when you hear the words “Ya’ll be back now you hear!”

I lived your post!!

31 07 2007

LOL…. OMG this was sooo… accurate hehehehe.. Love this entry girl!!!! I guess I fall under that category I have seen all and heard all except the snake attack LOL at least I won’t be shocked when I do come across it 😉 My favorite is “Bless their heart” I hear this one everyday and it has stuck on me like crazy glue LOL… No wonder I have part 20% Dixie. Girl you made me laugh sooo…. hard in this entry. Really made my day!!! Lots of Hugs Chika 😉

31 07 2007

Oh yea and the sweet tea LOL… little did I know when moving here when you say sweet tea it really is sweet like 2 cups of sugar in an 8oz glass LOL….. but something I give the heads up to my ol’yankee buddies when they’re in town LOL 😉

31 07 2007

asa. you are speaking the truth here. reminds me a lot of folks “up-south” too.

31 07 2007

i grew up in a completely diff ernt society but i ve heard n seen so much abt southern soceity frm movies n books like gone with the wind that i have fallen in love with it.

31 07 2007

as salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

MashaAllah sis, that was such a cute post!!!! I was laughing the whole way through it. Although I am not from the south personally, my family comes from Arkansas and many of the older ones definitely brought a lot of what you posted with them to the west coast where I was born and raised. I know exactly what you mean about everyone being a relative, at every family reunion I walk away with about 50 million “cousins” all the time lol!!!

1 08 2007


I still can’t figure out what is up with the barefeet out the window. I want to point my finger at them and shout, “Feet on the floor!”

I don’t get it… I never got it… but I see it *all* the time.

1 08 2007

Grown people ride around in summer with one barefoot hung out the window. (saw this twice today, both men, both driving). LOL i luaghed at that one so hard lol …hmmm are you sure your not being biased sis ?

2 08 2007

Ah tea, sweet tea.. lol.. believe me the characters are more similar to north. Oh! Not north US of A, but North of Iran 😛

2 08 2007
Umm Yusuf

lol……I know carimuslima, insh’Allah I’ll look for the link to the article in the newspaper and email it to you. It was on the front page and in fact the only reason I bought the newspaper.

YES! People seriously drive with one foot out the window. 😀 LOL…..I may be a little biased . 😉

Yeah blanca, that’s true too Golden Corral and Ryans are packed on Sunday after church. It’s a ghost town from 10-12. Then when church lets out, It’s like a huge traffic jam here being that I live in the bible belt. Oh and stupid “blue laws “here! You can’t buy or sell anything other than food (non alcoholic) before 1:30 pm on SUNDAYS! Oh, is that ever annoying!

3 08 2007

This post is so true. I’m one of the idiots that rides down the road with my feet out the window, not while driving though. To keep your sweet tea sweet and not bitter add a pinch of baking soda lol. I thought Lexington county was the only county with that blue law. They were talking about changing it but they wont. I got an email a few years ago about SC alone and it was so true it was eerie ha ha.

3 08 2007

How is it possible to ride with one’s feet out the window? The acrobatics!!!

Interesting post. 🙂

4 08 2007
Umm Yusuf

lol, riding with a foot or feet out the window isn’t so tough. I admit to doing that when I was a child. (LOL, cat’s outta the bag *blushing*). Though, as an adult I certainly don’t do it now.

The thing is people DRIVE the vehicle….while one foot is out the window! I don’t quite understand how they do that either.

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