My Ramadan (sorta) Diary: Day 5

18 09 2007

So, I skipped day 4….I’ve never been good at keeping diaries. 😉

I’m HUNGRY! I’m THIRSTY! I missed Suhoor. I overslept. I told ya’ll I couldn’t wake up unless someone nagged me incessently!

I think I’ll treat myself to Chinese for Iftar….just because I deserve it since I missed suhoor and have been good all day. 😀 Plus, my kids should thoroughly enjoy that.

 Now, that’s settled all I have to do is get the kids ready, drive to the restaurant, and voila! dinner.

Well, I guess I could end this with something productive. Listed below are some posts that will make you contemplative, some that will make you hungry (recipes!), some that just share experiences of Ramadan and some truly serious. Insh’Allah you will benefit by them. 

Here are Some of my favorite blog entries today:

VERY FUNNY & Clever:




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18 09 2007

I never eat suhoor, just because if i do, i get hungry super fast the next day.
I’m doing well so far,
though its not the best thing to be super
broke with an empty fridge :S
ramadan kareeem!

18 09 2007

ouch….you missed suhoor. isn’t it just terrible when that happens! especially during these long, long days!

19 09 2007

Assalamu’alaikum UmmYusuf,

I missed the sahur too…well i still can’t fast but i still have to wake up for the children’s sake. So because i missed sahur, so do the children and phew! can the children complained …hehee

very apologetic to them but it had happened *shrug*

jazakillah sister for the links…I went to some of them and masya-Allah…what wonderful blogs 🙂

syukran! 🙂

19 09 2007

hey i really like this website ..
it tells me all about muslims and ramadhan..
and good things..
i would like to thank you for opening this programme..
thanks you..

waalaikum assalam


19 09 2007
Karta Laksana

Ramadhan is the sacred month in Islam Religion.We have to study about it.How the ancient or predecessor treaded a journey so long for getting an inspiration.How they meditated night and day before Allah blessed their efforts ? The Fast have to be done by people of Islam.The Fast where someone must sacrifice oneself to devote for Allah according to their relying.How to retain the feel of starving ? Ask to the prophet or the teacher of Islam.

19 09 2007

Yesterday for third time in a row for me for missing Suhoor. 😦

19 09 2007
My Ramadan (sorta) Diary: Day 5 « A Glimpse Into The Life of A Muslimah « the ‘fascinating’ world of a complex mind

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19 09 2007

sister get your husband to throw water on your face , so you can wake up its the sunnah , i dont mean a bucket of water ! like flicks of water on your face 🙂 should solve the problem , suhoor is a very strong sunnah and the reward is emense .

19 09 2007

as salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ummyusuf,

May Allah accept it (salah wa siyam) from us and from you, ameen. I have been slowly making my blog rounds as I have been totally consumed with this Blessed month, alhamdulliah. I LOVE RAMADAN!!! and I like your blog/diary entries, mashaAllah what a good idea. You can like save them and then the following Ramadan you can re-read them see how you did and have a clearer picture on things you would like to improve within yourself or would do differently b’ithnillah. I’d totally copy-cat your idea but if you think that you are bad at keeping a diary then I am horrible. May Allah bless you and your family habibti and May He join us all in Jannah…Ameen.

20 09 2007
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatulllahi wa barakatuhu

Alhamdullilah thank you all so much for the comments.

Sis Adik, I can imagine your kids were like me. Loool.

Sis MuniQaba! Mash’Allah glad to hear from you sis! Alhamdullilah your Ramadan is going well. Ameen to your beautiful dua.

Amal…….I do remember reading that hadith and being really surprised. I told my husband to do it but he hasn’t resorted to that yet. We actually both overslept yesterday. Soooo…yeah. You know, I tried an alarm clock but that doesn’t even wake us. My mom used to put an alarm clock in a pot and it would go off really loud. Maybe I should try that. I guess we’re all really heavy sleepers!

20 09 2007

Oh Umm Yusuf. You want i call you and make you awake for Suhur? 😀

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