My Ramadan Diary: Day 6 + Quranic Reflections Show

20 09 2007

Alhamdullilah (All praise and thanks is due to Allah) today has been great.  I woke up for suhoor and even made it to taraweeh prayer. My masjid has some issues but Mash’Allah there is hardly anything that can compare to congregating in the masjid every once in awhile. It’s so nice to be able to gather with other Muslims and pray together shoulder to shoulder. It’s just magnificant. I get all teary eyed just thinking about it. 😀 Plus, Mash’Allah the Quran recitation is so beautiful.

 So, today, I thought I would add these videos to my post. The brother doing them would like everyone to go to youtube and give your comments. Let him know what can be improved, what you like and don’t like. insh’Allah He’ll be doing these throughout Ramadan. I find them very enlightening. Afterall, it’s so important to understand the Qur’an.

So, insh’Allah check them out.

THE RAMADAN SHOW (Quranic Reflections) – EPISODE 1 – PART1

THE RAMADAN SHOW (Quranic Reflections)-EPISODE1- PART 2




One response

20 09 2007

Ah i am happy that you woke up for suhoor. About prayer in masjid i have the same feeling. I take strength when i am praying shoulder to shoulder of others..
Thank you Umm Yusuf for sharing the nice clips. 🙂

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