Islamophobia Test- Will People React To Woman Being Abused While Wearing Hijab??

28 09 2007



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29 09 2007

thank you for dropping by my page.

29 09 2007

hi, do you ever experience the same situation?

29 09 2007
Umm Yusuf

Honestly, I have had very little harassment regarding my hijab. I have lived in really small towns and had comments made to me such as “Does your husband make you wear that?” or “Why do you wear that thing?” “Are you bald, do you wear it when you shower, etc.” Unlike the woman portrayed in this video, most of the questions and comments I’ve had were out of curiosity and they were not hostile at all.

The few times that I have been challenged were by mostly family members and that was in a private setting. The other couple of times. It was basically one comment or hand gesture and then the people went on.

So, no, I have been fortunate enough to not experience anything like this situation.

I do find it interesting to see the responses in the video however. I am encouraged by the people who stepped up for the girl. I think overall it seems rather accurate. Some went by snickering. Some ignored it. I think we tend to like to ignore things that don’t involve us instead of taking action and making a stand. This applies to more than this video. It’s easy not to care when it’s not you or someone you know.

29 09 2007
UmAbdurrahman, "Blanca"

Interesting experiment that was set out to determine what it must feel to be in someone elses shoes.

Thanks for posting this


29 09 2007

Assalmu’Alaykum Umm Yusuf,
Thanks for posting the video. Unfortunately the connection is rather pathetic and I can’t seem to find the video in youtube. Could you let me know the original name? thanks.

29 09 2007

hey your blog is great. saving it as one of my favourites.

29 09 2007
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum,

If you just double click the video it will take you to youtube and the original video. The title is:
Islamophobia Test Islam People reaction to woman in Hijab

Also, I wonder if the results would have been different if it had been a man harassing a woman. I think more people would have stepped in in that case.

17 10 2007

An eye opening video, i can’t beleive i hadn’t seen this video. It seems that more people will just ignore such abuse rather than help out in some way

27 11 2008

this is a very interesting video, and i find it very surprising that some of you had no discrimination to put up with
but we should all thank Allah for that
me on the other hand had people being racist with the way dressed but i guess it’s just life and you would have to put up with it
by the way Jazak Allah for the video

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