Eid Mubarak To All The Muslims Out There!!!

19 12 2007

Have a blessed Eid ul Adha! May Allah bestow His Mercy and Blessings upon you on this Eid day and always! ameen.

Lots of Love,
Umm Yusuf

A beautiful poem about the Prophet Ibrahim (Allayhi Salaam) and Ismail (Allayhi Salaam):

Sacrifice: Poem

Not possible it is for the weak,
Of Ibrahim and Ismail we speak
Such glory and service we must seek.

If thy vision be true
Sacrifice thy beloved son,
Came the call from Allah, Lord of All.
My beloved son, Lord! And this call!

My father, said Ismail,
Myself I offer with a smile,
Come, father let us to our destiny go,
Sacrifice such as this was seen nevermore.

The place they reached,
A knife he sharpened
‘Blindfold me, father, strength will I find,
With open eyes, weak is my mind.

The knife did he put,
Hard did he try,
The harder he tried; Nothing!
‘Stop! I will send in thy honour this thing!’

A ram, innocent, gentle;
Silently it stood awaiting.
A true vision is this, O Ibrahim!
Sacrifice this Ram, and remember Him!

Khalid Mecci

Source: http://www.islamicvoice.com/april.98/child.htm#SAC