ABC Primetime’s “What Would You Do?” Segment Features A Muslim

2 03 2008

The ABC network here in the US has been featuring a limited primetime series titled: “What Would You Do?”  The basis of the show is to test how people will react in various situations. They set up hidden cameras, hire actors/actresses ,and work with businesses, etc to stage various scenerios to test how the regular people around will react. Will they step in? Will they walk away? Or will they participate?

Recently, they set up a scenerio in a roadside bakery in Waco, TX.  The scene was a Muslim woman (in a headscarf) trying to order something and the man behind the counter refusing her service because she is a Muslim. The clerk uses very harsh language and makes prejudice comments to her. So, how do the people around react?

Click here to find out:

Scroll down and click- WATCH:”Encountering Prejudice”

or watch here:




3 responses

11 03 2008
Nick Homyak

My family tells me I was on what what you do March 11, 2008 However they say I walked away from a woman in distress This is not true as they knew …
Hopefully this will be shown in truth..The incident in Brookdale Park , Bloomfield NJ last spring

11 04 2008

This is so moving!!! im so touched..truthfully, im a singaporean muslim who has nv experienced such discrimination or prejudice before…and with the news of terrorism and stuff…i kept thinking that maybe americans hates muslim pple… but after watching the video…my opinions of americans really changed…im really touched…bless the good americans:)

21 03 2009

That what I call Patriotic
Never judge a person’s appearance but their character

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