Going Green: The In Thing

4 06 2008

Today, the Discovery Network will launch “Planet Green”, a 24 hour channel focusing on promoting eco-friendly living featuring celebrities to sell the concept.

Scientists have repeatedly warned us in the past to slow down on carbon emissions, find alternative energy sources, and generally eat and live an eco-lifestyle. Though, no one paid attention until a few celebrities jumped on board. Then BAM! It’s everywhere.

I can’t wait to see what “Planet Green” has to offer. It is past time that we start living better.

Though, I can’t help but focus on our society. We are so obsessed with Hollywood that we need actors and actresses to promote something before we will pay attention. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? Or is everything dominated by what the celebrities are doing? In the fifties, people smoked because it was “in”. Now, we quit because it is “in.” We drove gas guzzling suvs because it was “In.” Now, we are told to give them up because hybrids are “in.”

As with everything “In”, celebrities are almost the only ones who can afford a green lifestyle. The cost of renovating homes, buying new cars, buying organic, etc etc can add up to a small fortune….or a very large fortune for working lower-middle class families.

Ah, and I can’t help but find the irony in driving up to an energy INEFFICIENT awards ceremony in a prius.

I guess we should just be grateful that the trends are changing for the better.

Go ahead and go green…..it’s in!




5 responses

4 06 2008

Green certainly is the new black! Once celebrities jump on the bandwagon you know you are not going to escape green issues.
At least this trend can actually help the environment and the planet as a whole.
I wonder if any of the celebs are brave enough to switch to ethical fashion? Time will tell.


5 06 2008

I love the green colour! and yes its definitely time for us to be environmentally friendly, the sooner the better for the earth is already groaning and moaning from pain that we humans inflict on it, time to change all that if we do not want to suffer more …

8 06 2008

As Salaamu ALaikum:

Wow, intersting post. I was not aware of this “going green motto.” Does this also include eating organic stuff? Well, I guess former vice president Al Gore did win the Noel Peace prize for the enironment I guess.
But going green will probably not be in for a long time.

Thanks for posting thisintersting read sis


9 06 2008
Umm Yusuf

True, ethical, at least we can be glad this is a good trend that could make a differnce.

Assalaamu Alaikum wrwb Adik,

Yeah, it is sad how we have neglected taking care of the earth jepordizing the future of coming generations. Thanks for dropping by. It’s always nice to see you! ๐Ÿ˜€

wa alaikum as salaam wrwb sis ummabdurrahman,

Insh’Allah it will stick around for awhile since this is a good trend. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeah, everything is about organics now. You’ll see when you come over insh’Allah. haha. Well………since Ham isn’t halal..I guess I’ll go with green eggs and beef……hahah. Or maybe I should just stay away from unnaturally green food. ๐Ÿ˜€

I”ve missed u sis, good to see you around again!

12 06 2008
Umm Salihah

Assalam-alaikam Sister Umm Yusuf,
a matter close to my heart. I love that our faith has so many reminders that we are guardians for this earth, that we must not be wasteful or take more than we need. If more people lived by this spirit, we might not be in the position we are with global warming, food and petrol shortages, resource inequality, deforestation and endangered species. Astaghfirullah, its saddening to think what we have done to this planet because of our greed.

Thanks for raising this, I think more Muslim’s should.

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