Ramadan 2008 Has Been Announced!!!

31 08 2008


Ramadan 1429

Announcement: The holy fasting month of Ramadan will start Monday, September 1,

“There was no evidence of any person seeing the new crescent today,” Saudi Arabia’s Judicial Council confirmed in a statement on Saturday, August 30. Therefore, Sunday, August 31, will be the last day of the month of Sha`ban and Ramadan will fall on Monday, September 1, added the council.

 Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (s) instructed: “Fast after you have seen it [the new crescent moon] and end the fast [i.e Ramadan, at the end of the month ] when you see it. If it is hidden from you (i.e the moon), then wait until the thirty days of Sha’ban have passed.” [Hadith Bukhari and Muslim.]

Insh’Allah refer to this Powerpoint page for the reminders of the rulings of fasting:
Also check this blog for some great Ramadan videos, articles, and resources:





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31 08 2008

Assalaam Alaikum

I am Veelayat from London. I understand Saudi Arabia has announced Ramadan 2008 to start on September the 1st! Are there any news if the fast starts on the same day for UK?


31 08 2008

Crescent was sighted in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi and other state in the Northern part of Nigeria yesterday 30-08-08 and Muslim in Nigeria has commenced fasting today 31-08-08. May Allah accept our fasting as ibadah ad grant us all the much desired Al-Janah.

31 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Ramadan Kareem dear sister… may this month be truly blessed for the muslims of this ummah, ameen. 🙂

31 08 2008

مبارك عليكم الشهر يا ام يوسف

31 08 2008
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Veelayat- Ramadan Mubarak..Yes insh’Allah it is the same for UK. I saw IslamBradford based in the UK has announced it will begin on the 1st of Sept.

Yunus, UmIbrahim, and Manal- Ramadan Mubarak! ameen to your dua sis Umm Ibrahim.

1 09 2008

Its a Shame In USA that there is nobody willing to help others by posting about Ramadan 2008. When Is Ramadan Starting in New York USA.

1 09 2008
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum wrwb

I am in the USA. So, of course this announcement is for the USA.

The onset of Ramadaan is confirmed by the sighting of the new moon, or by the completion of thirty days of Sha’baan. Whoever sees the crescent of the new moon or hears about it from a trustworthy source is obliged to fast. Most scholars agree one sighting is good enough for everyone. Therefore, Ramadan starts in the USA same time it starts in Saudi.Europe starts the same time. And so on.

Tomorrow Monday, September 1st 2008 will be the beginning of Ramadan.

Of course there are always differences of opinon so, If you are in doubt the go to islamicfinder.org, type in your zip code and click your local masjid’s website. Most all of them announce it.

1 09 2008

Umm Yusuf


and Ramadan Mubarak.

Is one source sighting the moon really an accurate way of starting Ramadan?

If, one source was sufficient , then, why would the whole world not pray at the same time, or open or break fast at the same time!

Forgive me, if my question could be irrelevant here on this blog, but I am searching for answers!…



1 09 2008
Umm Yusuf

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

I asked your question to the Shaykh at my masjid and he replied:

There are differences of opinion on moon sighting.

The best thing you can do is fast when your community fasts and break it when they break it. Allahu Alim

1 09 2008

Wassalaam Mu-Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Mashallah, I am very pleased, Al-Ham-Dou-Lillah, you have went out of your way to find answers, May Allah be pleased, oh we know, Allah is pleased for sure with your action!


2 09 2008

Assalam alaikum

I am happy to be in Ramadan on good health, in my country Zanzibar Ramadhan start for two days different,

2 09 2008

Assalam alaikum

I am happy to be in Ramadan on good health, in my country Zanzibar -East Africa Ramadhan start for two days different, Monday 1 & Tuesday 2, i ask my self Why? we live in 2 small islands with 99.5% muslim but our shiekh still have differences on moon sighting, our neighbouring country Kenya started on Monday 1, but Zanzibar Muft and Kadhi disagree to announce moon sighting on Sunday so Muslims in Zanzibar have varies on this 2008 ramadhan. We have only one moon in our world and we do not far for 24 hours why we start ramadan on different days?

Allah blessing all Muslim around the world in this Ramadan.

3 09 2008

As salaamu alaikum
As the hadith goes which the sister mentioned Ramadaan starts either by the sighting of the moon or after the 30 days of Shabaan have pasted. When in thought ask those who know and we ask the Ulema of Saudi Arabia and they informed us Sept. 1 would be the first of ramadaan.

15 09 2008
Nur Aeni Musyafak

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

I am Nur Aeni at Indonesia, even ramadhan have differences time of its begining in the entire world, we must to be the unity because all moslem are family.
have the great ramadhan and get your spiritual journey especially get your LAILATUL QODR

16 09 2008
lovemore Kaisi

Alhamdullilah Muslims in Malawi started fasting on 1st September,2008. May this blessed month benefit every fasting muslim world over.

Lovemore Kaisi

Wahadha Salaam Aleykum

24 09 2008


11 09 2009

Interesting post. I’m glad you actually wrote something nice about Ramadan… …I’ve been around the net for a pretty long time now, and the only thing I can read about when it comes to Ramadan is how stupid it is by muslims to fast. I’ve also started to write a bit about Ramadan. I started out my own Ramadan blog over here: http://www.ramadanonline.com Oh, and whatever you do – don’t you dare stop blogging. You’re insane when it comes to writing!

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