The Unfortunate Ramadan Display

18 09 2008

I went to the local library and out of the corner of my eye noticed a banner over the top of a wooden table that read “Happy Ramadan!”. Mash’Allah, I thought. So, I took the kids over for further inspection and noticed a nice model of the Dome of the Rock in the center of the display with the Qur’an open in front of it. I noticed there were paper camels cut out and spread over the table. Then, I looked around at the other books displayed…..”books about Islam.” And my smile vanised immediately. All the books were speaking of Islamic extremism, terrorism, womens subjugation in Islamic law. Subhan’Allah. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Surely, there is one book here other than the Qur’an that speaks about Islam from an objective point of view…..but no. Every last book (save the Qur’an) was anti-Islam, anti-Muslim.

I mean this display is no different than putting up a Christmas display with books surrounding it about the Inquistion or children being molested by priests, the Crusades.

While I do appreciate the idea of trying to include the Muslim community and I commend the thought behind it. Subhan’Allah, the level of ignorance and intolerance still shocks me. Everytime that I think I have seen it all and have to be immune by now, I see something and it still effects me.  It makes me aggravated yes but more than that it just makes me tired and sad. Tired because I am tired of the blame being put on Muslims……”well why aren’t you speaking against it?” Honestly, we are! and we have been! Just listen…….to Muslims. Look around at the blogs, the articles, the books. Many have been written decrying terrorism and trying to explain the real essence of Islam. It is just a matter of what people choose to read and focus on.

I calmly explained that some of those books were offensive to Muslims being that it paints an unfair picture of Muslims and aren’t even written by Muslims. I am not one to get irate and emotional about things and I certainly hope that all Muslims react to such things with good manners, intelligent minds and calm hearts.

Insh’Allah I would like to take some positive Islamic books that I have accumulated to the library and donate them for the display specifically and also hand them a list of some suggested books to add to their list. Any book suggestions feel free to share them…




3 responses

18 09 2008

That is just truely disgusting. A library of all places! These times are a great test for the believing men and women.

18 09 2008

May Allah (swt) bless you for your efforts to appease the situation and represent Islam positively. Ramadaan Mubarak!

19 09 2008

Wa-Alaykumsalam Sister,

So true. I might be tempted to go back to the library and gently guide them towards displaying some other books on Islam. But, I agree. At least it shows some effort. At least they are aware that it is Ramadan and they have taken the time to make a display. It does sound as if they are just ignorant to how biased some of the literature is.


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