Your Prophet (Saw)’s Invitation

7 10 2008

I apologize that this is short notice but anyone who can please do particpate in this effort. 🙂

IslamBradford – Dawah Booklet Project

Deadline: 7th Oct 2008

Have you forwarded the invitation card that that prophet (SAW) asked u to pass it on?

Yes, your beloved prophet (SAW) asked you to pass on his msg, did you do that?

Okay, right now with you can help in such projects with minimum efforts.


See, HalfDate aggregate small contributions from Muslims around the world for a specific project.

So, say for example, printing 2000 dawah booklet about Islam.

How much it cost you to do it yourself?

You have to compile the materials.

You have to edit it and design the booklet

you have to work with the printer

and you have to pay about £900 Pound to print it in the UK

and after that you distribute them to 2000 people.

WOW, that’s a lot of work.

But, with HalfDate, in-sha-Allah, you can share the rewards with your small donation.

Because, your $50, $20, $10 donation doesn’t stay idle.

It get pool together and if there are any shortage, HalfDate will pay the remaining so the project can go on.

So, go to and donate see how your $20 dollar donation can bring you 2000 booklet.

Please help this dawah project, if you can’t donate please contribute by passing on this invitation to those you know! may Allah reward you all with good. ameen

For more on IslamBradford, please visit:

also check out:





2 responses

7 10 2008

Jazaak Allahu Khair sister

7 10 2008
IslamBradford - Dawah Booklet Update


All praise be to Allah.

All the funds towards the Dawah Booklet Appeal have been raised, the project has been accomplished and can now go ahead to the printers!

JazakumAllahu khair to all the valuable donators, helpers, good wishers and not forgetting HalfDate.

We have truely felt what it means to be 1 Ummah this Ramadan, receiving comments and emails from all around the globe! After thanking Allah, we thank you all for your genoristy and efforts. Thankyou for making our Ramadan so special, may Allah accept from you and us and make this projct a success by spreading the message of Islam to the masses. Aameen!

Your brothers and sisters at IslamBradford, UK.
6th Shawwal, 1429

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