Muslim Americans-To Vote or Not To Vote: My Experience

4 11 2008

I just got home from voting for the 2008 Presidential Election. Normally, I don’t get into politics especially not on my blog. Let me just say………I am so glad this election is finally over.  It has been two years of constant back and forth dominating all the news stations and even making it’s way to dinner table discussions. I will just be glad to get back to normal once this thing is wrapped up.

There is a debate among some Muslims as to whether we should even be involved in politics and I respect the opinions of those who vote and get involved and those who don’t. I think it’s a very personal decison and one that should be weighed rather than handled with haste. Personally, I made my decison to get involved after much contemplation.  I feel that as a community in the United States if we all voted one way we could definatley sway the outcome. I believe that when we look at two candidates and see one who will be better for Muslims that we should act and vote for him or her. And yes, I would vote for a woman if I thought she would benefit the Muslims in this country and abroad. I think as Americans we should exercise our right to vote and give ourselves and our community a voice in politics. Otherwise, I believe that the misconceptions of Muslims and the ignorance will persist.  Our situation will never change unless we get out and do our part to change it ourselves. Individually one vote may not be the difference in the outcome of an election but it is estimated that there are nearly two million registered Muslim voters in the USA.  Subhan’Allah what a difference all those votes could make, especially taking into consideration that large Muslim communites exist in “battleground states” such as Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Virginia. 

But again, It is a personal decision. That’s the beauty of a democracy and free country. You can get involved or not.

To be honest, I was NOT expecting what I saw when I went to the poll. I come from a very small town and am accustomed to standing in line on election day…..there is one polling place for the entire community where I grew up (an old fire department).

But since I moved to a slightly bigger town, I was honestly not prepared for the influx of people. It was back to back traffic this morning and people lined up all the way outside. There were parents with children, elderly in wheel chairs, and an assortment of various races and religions…. the excitement and anxiousness was palpable.  I felt like I was part of something huge. And indeed, no matter which candidate wins this election will be one for the history books.  Either the first African American will be elected president of the United States or we will have the first woman to serve as vice president of the United States.

By tomorrow we will have reached a milestone in our history as a relatively young nation.  Alhamdullilah, I can say that I made sure that at least one Muslim American voice was heard and one Muslim American vote will be counted, Insh’Allah.

May Allah give us an outcome that will be the most benefitial to us and make us content with His Qadr (decree). ameen.

My question for other American Muslims is did you vote? Why or why not? And for the Muslims around the world……who would you like to see elected and why?




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5 11 2008

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

Umm Yusuf, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and experienced. Here in Singapore, I was keeping up with the election news. Even from here I could feel the excitement. I don’t know who you vote but congratulations to all Americans for getting a new President and one that opens up a new chapter for history classes.

Ameen to your du’a …. May the outcome be most beneficial to All.



9 11 2008

Dear sister in faith,
Asalaam alaikum,
I am not by any means an expert in Islam neither any teacher but with due respect I am not in agreement with your post and I hope as a sister in faith you will hear me out.

You are counting yourself a part of a nation which openly rejects Islam. The facts bear it out:

Neither of the candidates went to any mosque to hear muslim concerns.Times reported that neither of the candidates were even counting on muslim votes.It seems that though you casted your vote —its for free

Right from his first speech Mr Obama clearly declared his faith and hid his fathers religion as if it is inhuman to be a muslim.Infact a muslim woman supporting obamas campaign was removed away so that the cameras dont catch the sight of a supporter wearing “head scraf”…what a pity

Before thinking about “lesser evil” we need to review the candidates position on the subjects which must concern the muslims:
-both support Isreal over palestine so palestinian brothers and sisters will continue to shed their “cheap blood”
-Obama has already declared war over pakistan and now innocent unarmed civilians are already losing their lives by bomb shelling!
– Neither of the candidates cares about Mulsim interests and are going to continue supporting “undemocratic” leaders in the muslim world–Have you ever wondered why the saidi goverment is not undemocratic for them whereas Iraqian govt was???
-you know better than me that this hypocratic democracy is unislamic– only khilafa is to be established.

Point is : Muslims in the west have to do jihad agaisnt the unislamic system or they have to do hijraa thereby sacrificing the “worldly pleasures” of living in the west.

i suggest you consider reading the blog of the following imam:
who was captured into Guetanamao inspite of being innocent like many other innocent muslims:

Allah swt bless you

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