Please Help The Muslims In Arlington, TX by sending 1 email today

21 11 2008

As Salaamu Alaikoum,
 Please, all the Musims here copy this letter and fill it out and send it to the following Emails listed.  The reason being is that Sheikh Hasan’s hometown has agreed to acknowledge the Muslims in the community by naming a street an Islamic name.  The name chosen is Al-Salam street but the non-muslims are trying to reject this.  Please all Muslims here copy this email and send it to the email addresses provided so that Arlington Texas can be recognized as a diverse city consisting of Muslims too.

There is a sample letter below and the emails who to send it to. Just copy and paste it and sign your name and send it to those emails…or write your own words. But very important the letters get there today.

The letter as follows:
Asssalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,
To make it simple on you all, here is the sample letter and the ready to go emails.
Just cut and paste and send.
please show concern and act, wa  jazakum Allahu khairun
Sample Letter (use as is, or draft you own but simple and courteous)
Dear Honorable Mayor and City Council Members,
I would like to thank you for recognizing that Arlington is now an international city with much to celebrate ranging from American Airlines conducting global business to the new Cowboys stadium.  As our state has transformed into a minority-majority demographic, that change can be accepted one of two ways:
1.      Some might prefer to push back against evolution,
2.      But the wise certainly accept change positively and facilitate the creation of a new paradigm where rising water lifts all boats.
 Honoring the African American, the Hispanic, the Vietnamese and the growing Muslim communities with street name changes is a positive sign in that direction.
Though Muslims arrived in pre-revolutionary America with the Spanish explorers and as slaves; voluntary settlement in Texas began in 1854 with Hajji Ali and six others helping to survey and settle the newly acquired American Southwest from Mexico.
Today a monument honoring their contribution to our nation stands in Arizona; and Arlington, as the third largest city of the largest metropolitan region in Texas, continues the tradition of recognizing the positive contributions of local Muslim citizens.
During this just concluded presidential election, much was debated about how one majority ethnic group would not vote for an ethnic minority candidate, yet on Election Day, those old paradigms were shattered as we found out.  Today your actions reinforce the fact that recognizing the rights of all minority groups is the glue binding the social cohesion between us all as Americans.




2 responses

22 11 2008
Sharifah Ameer

assallamualaikum dear sister,

I was just searching for a hadith to relate in my blog, when I came across your blog. I must say the contents and the whole blog took my breath away.

I am a born Muslim, but I almost always lose touch with myself, although Allah is always in my heart. I have gone through so much in life, and I keep thinking how messed up my life is…reading this, you give me passion to live life the way I should; as a Muslimah as I am born to be.

I do hope to hear from you and I will definately look forward to reading more of your of today, your page has been bookmarked 🙂

Jazzak Allah Khair..

26 01 2009
Magda Gaza Need your help,Please help.

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