Knit One, Save One

23 11 2008

If you know how to knit or crochet then this may be a worthy cause for you to get involved in..

The idea is to knit a cap and save the children will make sure that it is given to a needy child in places such as:  Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Mozambique.


A newborn baby can’t regulate its own body temperature. It loses lots of vital body heat through its head which makes it more prone to pneumonia – a disease which still kills around 2 million children each year.

The site also has a short message that you can put your name to and they will collect them all up and give to President Elect Obama’s transition team advocating for more aid to help women and children in developing countries.

You can check it out and get more details by clicking here:




2 responses

25 11 2008

Thank you for posting this link. I knit and crochet and have been looking for a worth while cause to make hats for.

8 12 2008

Salam ‘alaik ya Ummi Yusuf,

how i wish i could knit or crochet 😦

nevertheless I hope many will join in this great project 🙂

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