Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)’s Sacrifice

7 12 2008

From the Qur’an (in the English Translation of the meaning) Surah Saffat Ayats 82-112)

(82) And lo! of his (Nuh-Noah)’s persuasion verily was Abraham

 (83) When he came unto his Lord with a whole heart;

(84) When he said unto his father and his folk: What is it that ye worship?

(85) Is it a falsehood – gods beside Allah – that ye desire?

(86) What then is your opinion of the Lord of the Worlds?

 (87) And he glanced a glance at the stars

(88) Then said: Lo! I feel sick!

 (89) And they turned their backs and went away from him.

(90) Then turned he to their gods and said: Will ye not eat?

(91) What aileth you that ye speak not?

(92) Then he attacked them, striking with his right hand.

(93) And (his people) came toward him, hastening.

(94) He said: Worship ye that which ye yourselves do carve

(95) When Allah hath created you and what ye make?

(96) They said: Build for him a building and fling him in the red-hotfire.

(97) And they designed a snare for him, but We made them the undermost.

(98) And he said: Lo! I am going unto my Lord Who will guide me.

(99) My Lord! Vouchsafe me of the righteous.

 (100) So We gave him tidings of a gentle son.

(101) And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice thee. So look, what thinkest thou? He said: O my father! Do that which thou art commanded. Allah willing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast.

(102) Then, when they had both surrendered (to Allah), and he had flung him down upon his face,

(103) We called unto him: O Abraham!

(104) Thou hast already fulfilled the vision. Lo! thus do We reward the good.

 (105) Lo! that verily was a clear test.

 (106) Then We ransomed him with a tremendous victim.

(107) And We left for him among the later folk (the salutation):

 (108) Peace be unto Abraham!

(109) Thus do We reward the good.

(110) Lo! he is one of Our believing slaves.

(111) And we gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac, a prophet of the righteous.

(112) And We blessed him and Isaac. And of their seed are some who do good, and some who plainly wrong themselves.


Recitation w/English subtitles by: Sheikh Salah Al-Hashem(Ayah 75-132): 


Video Lecture-The Sacrifice by Dr. Ibrahim Dremali:

Also check out this link for some great info. insh’Allah:





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7 12 2008

Happy Eid to you and your family. May God grant you all with blessing in this world and a house in Jannah 🙂

13 12 2008
maulana munir

do visit my blog on quran, islam, tafsir, muslim life, ijtihad

please pass around – thank you

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