Great Women In Islam-The Hairdresser of Pharoah’s Daughter

20 02 2009

2733881995_dfffc3ae57_oIt is narrated that Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, (may Allah bless and grant him peace) said, “On the night in which I was taken by a night Journey, a pleasant fragrance came my way, and so I said, “O Gabriel! What is this pleasant fragrance?”

He said, “This is the fragrance of the hairdresser of Pharaoh’s daughter, and [of the hairdresser]’s children.”


This is her story as narrated in a lecture by Bilal Assad based on a hadith found in Ahmad and Ibn Majah (see source below):

There was a women called Mashit of Firoun, she was a women who was the hairdresser of Firouns daughter, Pharaoh who said, I did not know any god but me, and Mashit of Firoun, this hairdresser, she had embraced Islam in secret and when she was combing the hair of the daughter of pharaoh the king, one who said that he is god, the comb fell to the ground and then she automatically sub consciously picked up the comb and said, Bismillah, in the name of Allah.

And this Mashit of Firoun this hairdresser had five children and one of them was still breast feeding and then the daughter of Firoun said, Allah Abi, are you saying Allah my father? And she said, No! Allah, the god of your father
and yourself and me and she became angry, she went to her father and said to him:
Father, this woman worships another god besides you, he said: What?
She knows another god besides me, who is that? Call her to me, and they called her to him.

And she came and stood, a woman, a woman brothers and sisters in front of this great Pharaoh. And he said to her, who is your god? And she said, Allah is my lord. He said who is Allah?
She said Allah is my god and yours. Yes, she was cornered and put in a place, when she had to answer, she answered, this how the state of the Mumin in the past and present are. When they said, Allah is my lord, they were tortured.

But we dont care.

Because we know what were heading towards, we know who are lord is and
we say what we believe, were not liars.

She said Allah, Allah is my lord and yours. And they said what? Bring the chains!
They brought the chains, they begun to punish her and whip her, who is your lord and she will say Allah is my lord and yours.

And so he ordered for them to bring a large container and he spilt boiling oil in to this container,  a large container like a swimming pool, and then he said, bring me all her children!
And they brought them one by one and he said worship me, I am your lord.
She said, never! So he brought her first son and he threw him in to the oil,
in front of her eyes his meat and his flesh fell of his body and his bone disintegrated, and then they brought her next son and she was firm, Allahu Akbar! They burnt him; she could not stop them, and then her third and then her fourth and finally her fifth, he was on her arm and she was about to pull back, she was about to pull back in front of the eyes of all the people and when all of a sudden and this is the Hadis of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), he said, all of a sudden, Allah (SWT) from above seven skies made her child speak while he was in the cradle, he said: Be patient my mother, you are in the truth, Allah Allah has promised you with a great heaven, keep going mother.
And then they threw her son in to the boiling oil and she was next,
she knew that she was going to die, and then she begun to cry and Pharaoh said, why are you crying?
Stop! And she said, I was crying because I want to ask you to do something for me, and I dont know if youre going to do it, he said, ask me for whatever you like, she said, once you throw me in to the oil, then I want you to gather whatever is remaining of our bodies and I want you to bury us together in the same grave, because I want to be resurrected with my children and I want to go to Jannah with my children.

 Video of her story:

Hadith can be found: Imam Ahmad has narrated in his Musnad (Book of Hadith 1/310) [and a similar narration is in Ibn Majah (4020)]




7 responses

21 02 2009

Assalamu alaikum,

What powerful and touching story — jazakAllah khair for sharing this hadith.

22 02 2009
Umm Salihah

Subhan’Allah, very moving. I heard this story before, but did not know the source. Jazakh’Allah.

22 02 2009


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Jazakillahu Khairan sister for such a powerful story. May Allah reward you and keep you strong on His path, Ameen


25 02 2009

Assalamu alaykum,

Subhanallah, this is faith, the true imaan. May Allah grant us with such unwavering faith as well. Imagine watching all of your children being killed in such a way. Only the belief that something much much better lies ahead for you and your family would sustain a believing woman’s strength like this. Subhanallah.

6 03 2009

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Umm Yusuf,

I hope everything is well at your end 🙂

Beautiful story …. I still remember when I first read about her in a book, I cried … I imagine myself in her place and I cried, and I was just a teenager at that time …. Ya Allah, May You grant us such a faith. Amiin…

7 03 2009
Halimah bint David


Assalmau alaikum!

Maasha Allaah, what a beautiful story. I love the picture Alhamdulilaah. I hope you blog a post soon..

18 03 2009

im always afraid of writing abt islam in my blog because i dont want others get wrong views of islam and islamic laws from my words. but it’s a great idea to tell others abt islamic stories or even great muslims using a blog. at least visitors who have been muslims yet, will read good stories abt muslims.
thx, sis.

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