Advice To Muslims: A Parable Of A Horse In A Well

16 07 2009


There once was a horse that fell into an abandoned well. His owner wanted to get him out but when he calculated the cost and effort and contemplated what he would have to do and everything the task would involve and the result of that, he came to a conclusion. He figured that the horse is too old and the well is abandoned. So, it would be easier just to buy a new horse and fill up the old well.  Therefore, the plan was made.

The man went around to his neighbors and asked them to help him.  So, they all gathered at the well and began shoveling dirt onto the horse. Well, the horse started going crazy, whining and sreaming and stomping. Suddenly, the sound dissappeared. The horse’s owner leaned over the well and looked down. He was amazed at what he saw.

Everytime a person dumped dirt onto the horse, he shook it off, when the dirt fell to the ground he stomped it . The more dirt they dumped on him the more he shook it off and stomped, rising up.  The horse continued doing that until he finally made it to the top  and jumped out of the well.

Brothers and sisters, this is exactly like life.  This is exactly what Muslims have to go through. People are dumping dirt on you all the way from A to Z and you continue to rise by shaking it off and ignoring it. People have nothing but to bury you. It could be from your own family, friends, or your enemies. As long as you are with Allah (SWT) you will run into people who will definatley do that. And what is your job?

Your job is to be patient.  Your job is to ignore. Your job is to shake it off like nothing happend. When someone insults you, when someone says something negative about you, know that you are with Allah (SWT). No one can do anything to you and the more people attack you the more you rise up.

And also remember that,  people don’t attack a tree without fruit. They attack the tree with the fruit. They throw the stones to get the fruit out of that tree.

So, there is some benefit in that when you have something good, people will attack you. When you don’t have anything good, why should they talk about you? Why should they demean you? Why should they put you down? You are nothing. But when you are someone people will attack that.

Leave all the worries and burdens everything you you have and remember every calamity and problem you face is like a handful of dirt. Shake it off and rise with your actions and you will find yourself on top. The best time to find yourself on top is the Day of Judgement. Make your heart free of worries. Make your mind free of stress and live your life simple.

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Taken from a Khutbah by Shaykh Hasan Khalil Slightly modified to make the story flow in print form.


An Excellent Example of Patience and Thankfulness

28 12 2008

Abu Qilaaba al-Jurmiyy, the companion of Ibn ‘Abbaas

Narrated Imaam Al-Awzaa’ee from Abdullaah ibn Muhammad who said: “One day I set out to the shore on patrol; and those days we were stationed at Al ‘Arish [A town in N. Egypt], thus when I came to the end of the shore, I saw a small tent [at a distance – in the desert] so I set out for it.

Inside it there was a man who had lost his hands, and had lost his legs, and his sight and hearing had become heavy due to the affliction he had – thus there was not anything [more realistically] beneficial to him than his tongue.

And he was saying: ‘O, Allaah enable [and facilitate] for me that I praise and thank You, the praise which equates thanking You for the blessings which You have bestowed on me and gave me excellence to many more of whom You created.”

So I [was amazed and] said to myself: ‘By Allaah, I have to approach this man and ask him, from among the favors and blessings; what does he really have!? [While he is in this state!] Why is he saying these words? Does he have understanding, or knowledge of what he is saying!? Or is it just desires!?

So I approached the men and gave him the salaams [greetings of peace] and I said to him: ‘I heard you and you were saying: ‘O, Allaah enable [and facilitate] for me that I praise and thank You, the praise which equates thanking You for the blessings which You have bestowed on me and gave me excellence to many more of whom You created.’ So what favors and blessings do you [really] have [while you are in this state!!] and what excellences has He favored you with such that you praise Him because of them?’

So he replied: ‘Even on top of all what you see [of my deficiencies]; If Allaah was to send a fire from the sky to burn me, or commanded the mountains to crash me, or ordered the seas to drown me, and ordered the earth such that it swallows me: I would not increase except in thanking and praising my Lord – due to what He has favored me with – of a tongue [which I use to worship Him] !!

So, O slave of Allaah; as you have come here – and as you see my state – I have a need from you: as you see I have no capability over myself in benefitting or harm. But I have my son who comes to me at the time of prayers and he helps me in making Wudhoo for my prayers, and when I am hungry he feeds me, and when I thirst he gives me to drink: But I have not seen him for three days now – so help me by looking for him, may Allaah have mercy on you.’

So I said: ‘By Allaah there is no one who can get a better reward from Allaah by going out to help someone who is most worthy of being helped than someone

like you.’

Thus I set out looking for the son, and I had not gone a far distance when in between two sand-dunes I found a boy who had been attacked by a beast of prey and it killed him for meat ! I was in shock, and very overwhelmed in emotion.

And I said to myself, in what way shall I approach this man to explain to him this [while he is that state !]?

And after some time, I remembered the prophet Ayyoob (may peace be on him) [and how he was tried].

So I returned to the man, and entered; gave him salaams, and he replied the salaams and he said: ‘Aren’t you my friend? [I.e. you are the same person who was here right?]’

And I replied: ‘Indeed.’

So he said: ‘What happened to what I asked of you?’

And I replied: ‘Are you more excellent –in front of Allaah- or is the Prophet Ayyoob [May peace be on him]?’

He replied: ‘Of course, the Prophet Ayyoob [may peace be on him] is.’

Then I said: ‘You know what Allaah did with Him, how He tested him through his wealth, his family, and his children?’

He replied: ‘Of course.’

So I said: ‘And how did He find him?’

He replied: ‘Patient, Thankful, and Praising His Lord.’

So I said: ‘And that was until after [his trial was so hard that] his friends and his relatives abandoned him, do you know that?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

So I said: ‘And that was until after [his trial was so hard that] the passers-by used to look down upon him [Ayyoob, due to the state he was in], do you know that?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

So I said: ‘And how did his Lord find him?’

He replied: ‘Patient, Thankful, and Praising His Lord. May Allaah have mercy on you; Be concise.’

Thus I said: ‘The boy you sent me to search for, I found him in between two sand-dunes; and had been attacked by a beast of prey and it killed and ate him! So may Allaah bestow on you patience and increase you in reward!’

So he said: ‘All perfect praise is for Allaah who did not create from my off-spring those who would become open sinners such that they would have to be punished by the fire.’

Then he said the istirjaa’ [We are from Allaah, and to Him we shall all return (legislated to be said at times of calamity)], and [suddenly] he gave out some groans, and he then fell dead ! Indeed we are from Allaah, and to Him we shall all return !!

My calamity and despair just became greater. [What shall I do??]

A man like this, if I leave him here he will be eaten by the beasts, and even if I was to stay here; I cannot do anything! I cannot benefit nor harm!

So I covered him, with a cover [blanket] he had, and I sat there on the side of his head; crying. [After some time] While I am still in that state; I notice the approaching of four horse-men, and [when they got to me] they inquired: ‘O servant of Allaah, what is with you? And what is your story [why are you like this]?’ So I narrated to them my encounter. And then they said to me : ‘Un-cover his face, maybe we might recognize him.’

And I did just that; when the man fell down: and kissed the [dead] man’s hands at time, and kissed his forehead at times!!

And they were saying: ‘My may father be ransomed for you; Eyes which were restrained from the prohibitions of Allaah, My may father be ransomed for you; his body endured in worship while people would be sleeping!! ‘

So I said to them: ‘May Allaah have mercy on you, who is this man!?’

They replied: ‘This is Abu Qilaaba al-Jurmiyy, the companion of Ibn ‘Abbaas. He used to have immense love for the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam).’

Then we washed him, and shrouded him with some clothing that we had, and we prayed over him, and then buried him…

And the men left and I went away; back to my resting-place.

During that night, when I was sleeping; I saw in a dream: that the [same] man was in a garden from the gardens of Paradise, dressed up from the beautiful adornments of paradise, and he was reciting in a tarteel [slow, rhythmic, correct form of recitation] :

“Salâmun ‘Alaikum (peace be upon you) for that you persevered in patience! Excellent indeed is the final home!” [1]

So I said: ‘Aren’t you my companion [whom I encountered today]?’

He replied: ‘Yes. Of course.’

So I said: ‘So how is all this!?’

He said : ‘Indeed Allaah Has kept degrees which cannot be achieved except by patience in the times of difficulty, and being thankful [and humble] during the times of ease – and [while in both these situations] – having fear of Allaah [by observing his commands] in private and in company of others.’