Ramadan 2009 Has Been Announced!

20 08 2009


The moon has not been sighted and therefore Ramadan will start on Saturday the 22nd of August 2009, insha’Allaah.

“O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqoon (the pious).”Al-Qur’an 2:183

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever fasts Ramadaan out of faith and in the hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.” (Al-Bukhari & Muslim). And al-Bukhaari and Muslim also narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever spends the nights of Ramadaan in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.”

Get the most out of Ramadan by visiting these sites insh’Allah:

Live classes and lectures:

www.sunnahfollowers.net (offers past recorded lectures on Islamic topics including Ramadan and also offers FREE live lectures and powerpoint presentations)

http://www.islamonline.net/English/Ramadan/1430/index.shtml (Great Ramadan resource offering articles, lectures, ecards, and more).

Videos and Lectures:

 Dr Saleh as Saleh rahimahullah – Fasting in Ramadaan (20+ lectures on the fiqh, etiquette, focus and benefits of fasting)
Abu Uwais rahimahullah – We need Ramadaan! (Transcribed lecture here)
Dr Bilal PhilipsRamadaan: a Way of Life (video)
Ali Tamimi – Benefits of Ramadaan
Ahmad Jibril – Are you Ready for Ramadaan?
Ahmad Jibril – Greeting Ramadaan
Yasir Qadhi – Preparing for Ramadaan
Yahya Ibrahim – Rewards Derived from Ramadaan
Yahya Ibrahim – Renewing One’s Faith is a Priority in Ramadaan
Muhammad AlshareefTowards an Outstanding Ramadaan (video)
Nouman Ali Khan – Welcome Ramadaan (video)
Siraj WahhajRamadaan: Prepare Yourself
Waleed Basyouni – How to Make this your best Ramadaan (9 parts)
Navaid Aziz – Preparing for Ramadaan
Sa’eed Rageah – Ramadaan Reminder

www.islamictube.net (large selection of Islamic videos)

For the kids the full version of Adam’s World Ramadan Edition can be watched on youtube:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw2eiOPdCMk

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YedNI-ZykC4

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LENR-LIjlSY&feature=related

Articles, Books

http://www.qss.org/articles/ramadan/toc.html (Great fasting info)

http://www.islamqa.com/en/cat/2030 (offers many Q&A on Ramadan)

Quick easy recipes:




May Allah accept from us all and may this be the best Ramadan ever! ameen


An Excellent Example of Patience and Thankfulness

28 12 2008

Abu Qilaaba al-Jurmiyy, the companion of Ibn ‘Abbaas

Narrated Imaam Al-Awzaa’ee from Abdullaah ibn Muhammad who said: “One day I set out to the shore on patrol; and those days we were stationed at Al ‘Arish [A town in N. Egypt], thus when I came to the end of the shore, I saw a small tent [at a distance – in the desert] so I set out for it.

Inside it there was a man who had lost his hands, and had lost his legs, and his sight and hearing had become heavy due to the affliction he had – thus there was not anything [more realistically] beneficial to him than his tongue.

And he was saying: ‘O, Allaah enable [and facilitate] for me that I praise and thank You, the praise which equates thanking You for the blessings which You have bestowed on me and gave me excellence to many more of whom You created.”

So I [was amazed and] said to myself: ‘By Allaah, I have to approach this man and ask him, from among the favors and blessings; what does he really have!? [While he is in this state!] Why is he saying these words? Does he have understanding, or knowledge of what he is saying!? Or is it just desires!?

So I approached the men and gave him the salaams [greetings of peace] and I said to him: ‘I heard you and you were saying: ‘O, Allaah enable [and facilitate] for me that I praise and thank You, the praise which equates thanking You for the blessings which You have bestowed on me and gave me excellence to many more of whom You created.’ So what favors and blessings do you [really] have [while you are in this state!!] and what excellences has He favored you with such that you praise Him because of them?’

So he replied: ‘Even on top of all what you see [of my deficiencies]; If Allaah was to send a fire from the sky to burn me, or commanded the mountains to crash me, or ordered the seas to drown me, and ordered the earth such that it swallows me: I would not increase except in thanking and praising my Lord – due to what He has favored me with – of a tongue [which I use to worship Him] !!

So, O slave of Allaah; as you have come here – and as you see my state – I have a need from you: as you see I have no capability over myself in benefitting or harm. But I have my son who comes to me at the time of prayers and he helps me in making Wudhoo for my prayers, and when I am hungry he feeds me, and when I thirst he gives me to drink: But I have not seen him for three days now – so help me by looking for him, may Allaah have mercy on you.’

So I said: ‘By Allaah there is no one who can get a better reward from Allaah by going out to help someone who is most worthy of being helped than someone

like you.’

Thus I set out looking for the son, and I had not gone a far distance when in between two sand-dunes I found a boy who had been attacked by a beast of prey and it killed him for meat ! I was in shock, and very overwhelmed in emotion.

And I said to myself, in what way shall I approach this man to explain to him this [while he is that state !]?

And after some time, I remembered the prophet Ayyoob (may peace be on him) [and how he was tried].

So I returned to the man, and entered; gave him salaams, and he replied the salaams and he said: ‘Aren’t you my friend? [I.e. you are the same person who was here right?]’

And I replied: ‘Indeed.’

So he said: ‘What happened to what I asked of you?’

And I replied: ‘Are you more excellent –in front of Allaah- or is the Prophet Ayyoob [May peace be on him]?’

He replied: ‘Of course, the Prophet Ayyoob [may peace be on him] is.’

Then I said: ‘You know what Allaah did with Him, how He tested him through his wealth, his family, and his children?’

He replied: ‘Of course.’

So I said: ‘And how did He find him?’

He replied: ‘Patient, Thankful, and Praising His Lord.’

So I said: ‘And that was until after [his trial was so hard that] his friends and his relatives abandoned him, do you know that?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

So I said: ‘And that was until after [his trial was so hard that] the passers-by used to look down upon him [Ayyoob, due to the state he was in], do you know that?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

So I said: ‘And how did his Lord find him?’

He replied: ‘Patient, Thankful, and Praising His Lord. May Allaah have mercy on you; Be concise.’

Thus I said: ‘The boy you sent me to search for, I found him in between two sand-dunes; and had been attacked by a beast of prey and it killed and ate him! So may Allaah bestow on you patience and increase you in reward!’

So he said: ‘All perfect praise is for Allaah who did not create from my off-spring those who would become open sinners such that they would have to be punished by the fire.’

Then he said the istirjaa’ [We are from Allaah, and to Him we shall all return (legislated to be said at times of calamity)], and [suddenly] he gave out some groans, and he then fell dead ! Indeed we are from Allaah, and to Him we shall all return !!

My calamity and despair just became greater. [What shall I do??]

A man like this, if I leave him here he will be eaten by the beasts, and even if I was to stay here; I cannot do anything! I cannot benefit nor harm!

So I covered him, with a cover [blanket] he had, and I sat there on the side of his head; crying. [After some time] While I am still in that state; I notice the approaching of four horse-men, and [when they got to me] they inquired: ‘O servant of Allaah, what is with you? And what is your story [why are you like this]?’ So I narrated to them my encounter. And then they said to me : ‘Un-cover his face, maybe we might recognize him.’

And I did just that; when the man fell down: and kissed the [dead] man’s hands at time, and kissed his forehead at times!!

And they were saying: ‘My may father be ransomed for you; Eyes which were restrained from the prohibitions of Allaah, My may father be ransomed for you; his body endured in worship while people would be sleeping!! ‘

So I said to them: ‘May Allaah have mercy on you, who is this man!?’

They replied: ‘This is Abu Qilaaba al-Jurmiyy, the companion of Ibn ‘Abbaas. He used to have immense love for the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam).’

Then we washed him, and shrouded him with some clothing that we had, and we prayed over him, and then buried him…

And the men left and I went away; back to my resting-place.

During that night, when I was sleeping; I saw in a dream: that the [same] man was in a garden from the gardens of Paradise, dressed up from the beautiful adornments of paradise, and he was reciting in a tarteel [slow, rhythmic, correct form of recitation] :

“Salâmun ‘Alaikum (peace be upon you) for that you persevered in patience! Excellent indeed is the final home!” [1]

So I said: ‘Aren’t you my companion [whom I encountered today]?’

He replied: ‘Yes. Of course.’

So I said: ‘So how is all this!?’

He said : ‘Indeed Allaah Has kept degrees which cannot be achieved except by patience in the times of difficulty, and being thankful [and humble] during the times of ease – and [while in both these situations] – having fear of Allaah [by observing his commands] in private and in company of others.’

Hey, You Can’t Hold Hands In Public!!!

24 05 2008

I once knew a  beautiful Muslim woman full of confidence and charisma. Almost Every Friday, she and her husband would get out of their car and walk to the masjid hand in hand. He would lean down and give her a peck on the cheek before they parted ways, he to the men’s entrance and she to the women’s entrance.

One day, as she entered through the women’s entrance and stood to pray her two rakats to greet the masjid, a sister called out to her “Ya Khaltu” (Oh Auntie), don’t you and your husband know that holding hands in public is a sin, much less kissing! AstagfirAllah!! AstagfirAllah! At your age you should be ashamed.” May Allah guide us all!”

She stood still for a few seconds and then raised her hands and said the takbeer beginning  her prayer.  The younger sister smirked thinking that she had done her duty well. As Khaltu prayed, hushed whispers filled the room, each woman entering getting an ear full of the juicy gossip of the moment and the tale of how “khaltu” was given a good dressing down by the younger sister (who sat  basking in the attention).

When Khaltu finished her prayer, she turned around, tears in her eyes, but nevertheless dignified.  All the sisters quietened eagerly waiting to hear what Khaltu would say, itching to hear an argument so that they may go home and burn up the phone lines with the jumah gossip.

However, what they got was not an argument. Khaltu simply said:Perhaps, you think that I am crying  because of the “advice” given me. No, I am crying because as I was making dhikr, I heard all the hushed whispers,no doubt spreading the gossip. I was crying because I found out how eager my beloved sisters are to eat my flesh.  She faced the younger sister and continued, “And what is your proof from the Qur’an and Sunnah? Do you have an ayat, a saheeh (authenticated) hadith?”  The younger sister thought for a few seconds before starting “I once read in a fatwa….” “No,” Khaltu cut her off. “I follow the Quran and Sunnah. What does the Quran and Sunnah say prohibiting it?”  The younger woman couldn’t answer. “Well, I believe that settles it, correct?” Khaltu finished with a tone that made it clear she was finished with the issue.  

Now, Why is it that so many people are quick to judge? Itching to show one another up to see who can deliver the most stinging blow. Why do people think that they can prove their righteousness by analyzing their fellow muslims for any sign of weakness or mistake so that they may come back and throw it in their face in the most horrific manner possible.  What does this accomplish other than division, hurt feelings, and rancour?

It is human nature not to agree on every single point. The companions (the great sahabiyat and tabieen) did not even agree on every single topic. Did they react by treating each other badly? No, because they feared Allah and knew the seriousness of such actions.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t advise people. I’m not saying that you have to accept all other opinions. All I’m saying is, when disagreeing do so in a good way. A way that will unify rather than divide, a way that doesn’t leave people trying to avoid you at all costs.

We need to recognize that people are going to follow different madhabs, people are going to have different opinions, but as long as they say la illaha ill Allah, Muhammad ar Rasool Allah. They are your brother and sister and you owe them their rights and your kindness.

Sometimes, you just have to say: You follow what you deem best and I will follow what I deem best. And leave it at that.

 Secondly, It is a sad fact indeed that SOME (NOT ALL!!!!) Muslims feel that they can show one another no affection in public and in some cases act like they do not even know one another! I’m not talking about making out or anything lewd. But what is wrong with holding hands, linking arms,  or a small peck on the cheek? I don’t get it. Will the world end if my husband stops walking hand in hand with me down the street? No. But it’s nice and it shows our children that we care about one another and it shows others that most Muslim men  are not opressive to their wives but instead we are actually very well cared for and loved. As long as it is happening behind closed doors that’s all that counts. Yes, I have heard that and I get it. But this is just one of those things that I don’t believe is wrong and I have failed to see concrete evidence that it is wrong. Trust me, if someone brings me a hadith or verse of the qur’an  saying “do not hold your wife’s hand in public, do not link arms, thou shalt not give your wife a peck on the cheek…..” I will stop it. Until then……leave me alone.

*Story told w/permission from sisters involved*


Condemnation of 9/11 From Shaykh Mustapha Morsey and all scholars at Al Quran Wa Sunnah Islamic Site of Learning.

11 09 2007

 Shaykh Morsy was recently interviewed by the media and here is his statement denouncing 9/11. This statement also serves as the official statement of SunnahfollowersNet.

Follow the link to read it:


Questions asked by Non-Muslims, Atheists

7 07 2007

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