Was Michael Jackson A Muslim?

27 06 2009

The recent passing of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, has many people around the world talking…and mourning. It even has the Muslim world a buzz asking “Was Michael Jackson really a Muslim??”  Well, there have been reports from The Telegraph, etc saying he converted in November 2008 with the help and guidance of his older brother Jermaine. Allahu Alim (Allah knows best) whether he was or wasn’t.

Muslim Matters has reported:


There are multiple reports coming from religious leaders confirming that Michael Jackson was Muslim. Most notably, they come from Imam Zaid Shakir who said he has reliable sources, and Imam Johari Malik who said CNN reported an Imam will be visiting the family for janazah arrangements. We’ll keep you posted of any more news as well as any updates on if Jackson will indeed be receiving a Salatul Janazah.

In their article, Muslim Matters  also does a good job of emphasizing the main point as to how  we should feel about this as Muslims…

 The answer is simple. Regardless of what the real answer is, we should hope he died Muslim. And that’s not just because he’s a celebrity or because we may have grown up listening to his hits, but because we as Muslims want the salvation of all mankind.

Islam is the best and most perfect way of life for all of humanity, and we want all manking to accept what we believe is the way to live mandated by God. And if that happens to be the most breakthrough artist in the history of pop music, then alhamdulillah, all praise be to God, may he be forgiven for all of his shortcomings.

If he’s not, then we leave his fate with his Creator as is, and hope more people like him are guided to accept Islam and help in spreading the message to the masses. And until we have some clearer answers to our questions, I feel this is the position we need to have as Muslims. We pray that Allah (SWT) guides more people to Islam.

 Muslim Matters also debunks some myths surrounding his supposed conversion and goes into more detail on the topic. You may read the full article here: http://muslimmatters.org/2009/06/26/did-michael-jackson-die-as-a-muslim/


Going Green: The In Thing

4 06 2008

Today, the Discovery Network will launch “Planet Green”, a 24 hour channel focusing on promoting eco-friendly living featuring celebrities to sell the concept.

Scientists have repeatedly warned us in the past to slow down on carbon emissions, find alternative energy sources, and generally eat and live an eco-lifestyle. Though, no one paid attention until a few celebrities jumped on board. Then BAM! It’s everywhere.

I can’t wait to see what “Planet Green” has to offer. It is past time that we start living better.

Though, I can’t help but focus on our society. We are so obsessed with Hollywood that we need actors and actresses to promote something before we will pay attention. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? Or is everything dominated by what the celebrities are doing? In the fifties, people smoked because it was “in”. Now, we quit because it is “in.” We drove gas guzzling suvs because it was “In.” Now, we are told to give them up because hybrids are “in.”

As with everything “In”, celebrities are almost the only ones who can afford a green lifestyle. The cost of renovating homes, buying new cars, buying organic, etc etc can add up to a small fortune….or a very large fortune for working lower-middle class families.

Ah, and I can’t help but find the irony in driving up to an energy INEFFICIENT awards ceremony in a prius.

I guess we should just be grateful that the trends are changing for the better.

Go ahead and go green…..it’s in!