My Ramadan Diary: 9-22-2007

22 09 2007

Alhamdullilah everything has been going really well with me the past few days. My body seems to have completely adjusted to the new routine.  I’ve been able to “pretty much” keep my tongue in check. My kids aren’t testing me quite so much. I’ve been waking for suhoor on time and haven’t even had to cook in days. So, yeah, Alhamdullilah it’s all wonderful.

To elaborate on the last point(ie.not having to cook for the past few days)…. The Prophet (saw) said that preparing food for a fasting person will earn you the reward of fasting without diminishing the fasting person’s reward in the least.(Muslim) Plus, during Ramadan all good deeds are multiplied. So, Mash’Allah some sisters here and my husband are really racking up the good deeds. The days that my husband hasn’t cooked some sisters have sent over really enough to feed an army.  Most of my aquaintances know my relationship with the kitchen is rocky at best.  hehe.  😉 It’s just so sweet of them. They are truly wonderful sisters.  Insh’Allah I will reciprocate in kind this upcoming week by sending them meals.

This time though, that I haven’t had to spend cooking or prepping food has been really good for me.  I’ve squeezed in more time to practice tajweed and to read benefitial islamic books. I’ve used the time to make more dhikr and dua. All in all, I think Insh’Allah it’s been time well spent.

 Alas, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m missing my kitchen. So, I think it’s time to return to the kitchen and get some rewards of my own….. 😀

Now, time for the benefitial info:

Sis Aaminah is posting ayahs from the Quran to reflect upon over on her blog. Plus, she is keeping a journal (much more regular than I am, hehe). So, insh’Allah check it out and benefit:

Plus, a sister recently posted the following in one of the online groups I’m in. I thought it was a really good idea. So, I’m passing it on to you guys. Enjoy! (Thanks Sumayah from MWA)

This is an EXCELLENT Ramadan tool for increasing your good deeds.

Visit this site:

Sign-up for a FREE web calendar. Now you get to pick tasks that you pledge to do this Ramadan. Like perform more dhikr or cook food for someone.

There are a LOT of tasks to choose from and lots of time left to perform them.